Park Borchert

"If Raffi and Captain Kangaroo had a baby with Dr. Seuss...
it would be Park Borchert!"

Park Borchert has been writing and illustrating his stories since he was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. While his brother was in Law school, Park wrote and illustrated a satirical newsletter for his brother and his fellow law students called, "True Law Confessions". It was an homage to National Lampoon only far less mature, but a whole lot funnier. Park went on to graduate school when he won awards for Beany McGee: "Hero of the Day" as well as other more serious film work. Below are 5 stories written and illustrated by Park Borchert with a couple of shorts thrown in just for the heck of it. The narration is also Park Borchert, in case you were wondering.

See "Hero of the Day" Artwork

See "Why Rhinos Are Blue" Artwork



See "Spider On The Ceiling" Artwork

Bears In Our Chairs


See "Bears In Our Chairs" Artwork

See  "When Bears Are Small" Artwork

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