Park Borchert

"If Raffi and Captain Kangaroo had a baby with Dr. Seuss...
it would be Park Borchert!"

Park Borchert is an author, songwriter and performer of children's multimedia entertainment. What does that mean exactly? Well, he writes songs, makes videos of the songs, which can be seen on-line and also performs those songs live for children's groups, such as schools, camps, hospitals, libraries and day cares. He writes children's books, illustrates and animates them and posts them on the Internet for children to read. He also does live readings of those stories at stores, schools and all other venues for children's entertainment. Park Borchert is presently creating an on-line children's show called "The Beany McGee Revue" which features Park Borchert as a character in an illustrated world of music and humor that is populated by the illustrated characters that he has invented such as, Beany McGee, Rheinhart the Rhinoceros, and the Bears in Our Chairs as well as other comic characters performed by Park Borchert.

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